War Photography


    Washington, D.C.

    October 30-November 2, 2008

Liberty, Language, and the Origins of

                                               American Intellectual Identity



    April 17-20, 2008


    San Diego

    April 26-29, 2007

Liberty and Necessity in Emerson and Nietzsche


    Big Sky, Montana

    July 9-12, 2009

Individual Liberty, Self-Reliance,

and Private Property in

Emerson and Mill


    San Diego

    April 23-26, 2009

The New York Public Library

                “Everybody’s Autobiography:  Remarks on Anxiety and Pseudonymity in the work of Soren

                Kierkegaard and Charlie Kaufman”

               New York, February 2012—invited lecture

Swansea University

                “Unauthorized Autobiography:  Truth and Fact in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

               Presented along with work by two other contributors to The Philosophy of Charlie Kaufman

                Swansea, Wales UK, July 2010—invited lecture

Universiteit Gent

                “Wittgenstein’s Remarks on Life-Writing”

                Ghent, Belgium, “Wittgenstein Reading” conference, June 2010


Le Moyne College

                “Not Following Emerson”

                Syracuse, Department of Philosophy, November 2009

                —invited, inaugural lecture in year-long speakers series—Cavelleria Siracusa—on the work of

                Stanley Cavell

The University of Edinburgh

                “Reading Cavell Reading”

                Edinburgh, Scotland, “Stanley Cavell and Literary Criticism” conference, May 2008

Lorand Eotvos University

                “Shakespeare’s Biographer:  Emerson, Cavell, and Henry James on the Author and his Text”

                Budapest, Hungary, “Shakespeare and Cavell” conference, March 2004

Vanderbilt University

                “Philosophy’s Stake in Emerson:  A Reflection at the Bicentenary”

                Nashville, April 2003, Emerson Bicentenary Celebration—invited lecture

Boston Theological Institute

                “The Revealed Interloper:  Amelie and the Tragic Disenfranchisement of Anonymity”

                Cambridge, MA, February 2003

America Literature Association

                “In the Mourning:  Questioning the Privations of the Private”

                Los Angeles, American Literature Association, May 2002—invited lecture

Brattle Theatre

                “Entertaining the Dispossessed:  The Uncanny Inversions of the Woman Stranger in

                Babette’s Feast and Chocolat

                Cambridge, MA, BTI Faith and Film Festival, February 2002

Harvard University

                “Hollywood’s Intellectual Ape; or, How Modernist Condescension in Inherit the Wind Helps the 

                Fundamentalists Win”

                Cambridge, MA 2001—invited lecture

Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy

                “Seeking Criteria for Loyalty:  Emerson and Royce”

                Las Vegas, February 2001—invited lecture

Episcopal Divinity School

                “Breaking Through:  Transgression and Transcendence in the Filmic Work of Lars Von Trier”

                Cambridge, MA, BTI Faith and Film Festival, February 2001

The University of Memphis

                “Skeptical Recitations:  Stanley Cavell and the Problem of Others”

                Memphis, Tennessee Philosophical Association, April 2000

                “Radical Auratical:  Reconceiving the Site of Aura in the Age of Mechanized Reproduction”

                Memphis, Mid-South Philosophy Conference, March 1999

Emory University

                “The Dexterity of Decision:  On Handling the Hand”

                Atlanta, April 2000

Vanderbilt University

                “The Body Philosophic:  Questioning the Character of Texts”

                Nashville, Department of Philosophy Lecture Series, February 2000

                “Approaching the Unapproachable:  Emerson’s Provocation to America”

               Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities, December 1999

                “A Point in Time:  On the Representation of Time in Aristotle’s Physics

               Nashville, Tennessee Philosophical Association, November 1999

               “The Anxiety of Inheritance:  Claims from Authority and Imagination”

                Nashville, Department of Philosophy Lecture Series, April 1999

               “Young Nietzsche’s Emersonian Impulses:  Toward a Freedom and Fate”

                Nashville, Tennessee Philosophical Association, November 1998


               “Emerson and Cavell on the Man and Manner of Philosophy”

                Nashville, Tennessee Philosophical Association, November 1997

International Society for Neo-Platonic Studies

                “The Unseen Site of Plato’s Biography”

                Nashville, May 1998

                Published in Platonic Traditions in American Thought (The University of the South Press, 2008)

                ISBN:  1-931948-75-5

State University of New York at Oneonta

                “Inversion of Fate:  Boethius’ Philosophy from Within”

                Oneonta, NY, April 1997

                Published in Language, Ethics, and Ontology (Oneonta Philosophy Studies, 1998)

                ISBN 1-883058-74-0


Additional PAPERS

John Locke and

                   Algernon Sidney


    Portland, Maine

    July 15-18, 2010

American landing on Omaha Beach, D-Day by Robert Capa

Recent & Selected

The Messenger (2009)

dir. Oren Moverman

June 15

Return (2011)

dir. Liza Johnson

July 20

Little Dieter Needs to Fly (1997)

dir. Werner Herzog

August 17

Cinematic Dissonance:

Mediating the Marriage of Sound

and Image


6 pm, April 20, 2018

The University of Arizona, Tucson

From Lectiocentrism to


Translating Sound as

Cinematic Genre

May 23, 2018

Tel-Aviv University, Israel



International Conference


Book launch for Dan Geva’s

The Philosophy of the Documentarian (2018)

May 22, 2018

Three Film Screenings and Discussions

about Cinematic Representations of

Veterans Returning from the War Front

to the Home Front.

Presented during the summer of 2015

at the Brooklyn Historical Society

128 Pierrepont Street, Brooklyn NY 11201

Curator and Moderator

of Film Series

Coming Home

Sound as Genre:

The Phenomenology of Geschlecht

October 2, 2018

Lund University, Sweden

Think Herzog!

April 5, 2019

Colloquium for Unpopular Culture

in association with the

Deutsches Haus at

New York University

with Richard Eldridge and

Paul Cronin

La Pensée du Cinéma:

En hommage à Stanley Cavell

Watching Home Movies with

Stanley Cavell

June 11, 13-15, 16, 2019

Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne

Thomas Elsaesser

at Cornell University

Introductions for:

A screening of Elsaesser’s film

The Sun Island

and a Media Studies Colloquium on

Media Archaeology

September 18 and 20, 2019

Cornell Cinema and

Uris Library