Edited Volume

A Power to Translate the World

New Essays on Emerson and International Culture

Coeditor of New Volume

A Power to Translate the World:

New Essays on Emerson and

International Culture

with Ricardo Miguel-Alfonso

The impact of global thinkers on Emerson; Emerson’s impact on global thought

“Emerson was always a transnational thinker, and in this respect as in others, we have yet to catch up with him. This fine, wide-ranging volume will be of considerable help. These essays bring one to Emerson from, and allow one to travel out from his texts towards, a variety of geographical, cultural, and disciplinary regions, often in surprising ways.”

Russell B. Goodman

Emeritus Professor of Philosophy

University of New Mexico

“The essays gathered in this superb collection testify to the centrality of the historical and political to [Emerson’s] thinking. Indeed, Emerson here emerges as a truly international writer who himself thought in a setting that far exceeded the boundaries of the national.”

Branka Arsic

Professor of English

Columbia University

18 contributors

339 pages

in Donald Pease’s series

“Remapping the Transnational:

A Dartmouth Series in

American Studies”

Dartmouth College Press

University Press of New England


This thought-provoking collection gathers a roster of seasoned Emerson scholars to address anew the way non-American writers and texts influenced Emerson, while also discussing the manner in which Emerson’s writings influenced a diverse array of non-American authors. This volume includes new, original, and engaging research on crucial topics that have for the most part been absent from recent critical literature. While the motivations for this project will be familiar to scholars of literary studies and the history of philosophy, its topics, themes, and texts are distinctly novel. A Power to Translate the World provides a touchstone for a new generation of scholars trying to orient themselves to Emerson’s ongoing relevance to global literature and philosophy.